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Personal Computers

File Sharing

Where Digital Rights Meet Fair Use Rights: The Unlocking Technology Act of 2013

Although digital rights management has promoted the growth of a marketplace for digital content, it has come at the expense of some consumer rights. The Unlocking Technology Act of 2013 could re-balance the scales in consumers' favor, but it could face an uphill battle from the media industry lobby....(more)

Dropbox: The Invisible USB Drive

Dropbox provides a convenient way to synchronize directories between computers without a flash drive, and to share files with friends without a web host. The service provides 2 gigabytes of storage for free, and additional space can be earned through referrals or purchased for a monthly fee....(more)

File Basics: What is the ISO File?

So, you need to know what an ISO file is. Overall, it is an archive file. It takes an abundance of information and stores it in a very small space. These files are also often called ISO image files, because they are much like a snapshot of the disc. This type of file can be incredibly handy....(more)

Carbonite: How to Customize for Online Storage

Everyone has data on their computer that they would be devastated if they lost, and accordingly, everyone is subject to a hardware failure. Additionally, depending on your geographic location, you may also be subject to natural disasters. This is where online data storage comes into play. While local data storage, such as an external hard drive, comes in handy and is inexpensive to use, a natural disaster may destroy it as well. With online data storage, your data is still secure regardless of the situation, making data restoration a breeze. An additional benefit of online data storage, with most providers, is that you can access your data from a remote location, making your data accessible to you even when you do not have your computer with you. The only question left is which service provider to choose. Carbonite online storage is a service provider that is trusted, reliable, and has...(more)


Maintaining a PC: Best Free File Undelete Programs

You may be familiar with the sinking feeling that comes along with accidentally deleting a computer file. Luckily, there are many free file undelete programs you can download to recover lost files....(more)

File Compression: How to Use the RAR File Type

RAR file types are found all over the Internet. Developed by engineer Eugene Roshal, RAR files support data compression, file spanning and error recovery. Although they can seem complicated and confusing, learning to use RAR files is actually very easy....(more)

Power Switch Issues and How To Deal With Them

If your computer does not turn on when you press the power switch, there could be a number of things wrong. Assuming it is plugged in to a live power source, here is a list of items to check....(more)

Computer History

The Apple II: Apple's First Flagship PC

A collaboration between Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the Apple II built on the Apple I's success to become one of the first popular personal computers. The computer's innovative design launched a product line that lasted over fifteen years, earning Apple its place in personal computer history....(more)

The Apple I: The Foundation of Apple Computer

The Apple I was important both for the new features it introduced over earlier microcomputers, and for paving the way for the much more commonplace Apple II. Not only did it kickstart the personal computing revolution, but it made Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs into household names....(more)

Grace Murray Hopper: A Computing Pioneer

Grace Murray Hopper was a remarkable person, chalking up an impressive number of firsts in the computer industry and proving that gender is not a determining factor of talent. She left behind a rich legacy of accomplishments whose impact is still felt in the field of computer science today....(more)

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