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Computer Printers

The Espresso Book Machine Prints Books Like Baristas Make Coffee

Printing and shipping a paper book is very inefficient. Not only do the books have to be shipped and stored, but sometimes they are even sent back for a full refund. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to create paper books where they were needed, with no shipping required? In fact, there is. ...(more)

How to Configure a Shared Printer on a Home Network

Having the availability of a printer that everyone on your home network can use is a nice convenience. Windows allows printers to be shared with multiple users when configured properly. There may be slight differences in the location and appearance of the screens that allow setting changes depending on the version of Windows operating system that you are running on your computer. Following the steps laid out below can help users set up a network printer or local printer and share its use on your home network....(more)

Control Panel Printers: Adding a New Printer

The control panel is the main configuration center for a personal computer that runs on a Windows platform. In the control panel, you can change or add new hardware including mouse devices, keyboards, and printers. Programs can also be deleted from the control panel. Installing a new printer is something that can be done through the control panel printers option. You will find a step-by-step guide to installing a new printer below....(more)

Understanding Xcopy Switches

Copying and moving files from one location to another can be a tedious process if you have a large number of files that need to be dealt with on a regular basis. Groups of files can be copied or moved from one location to another using the Xcopy command. It is a very powerful command and the discussion that follows considers how using Xcopy switches can make one single command flexible and powerful....(more)

Computer Memory

Tech Talk: Using the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

If you notice that your computer is starting to take longer to perform certain tasks, such as opening files, running programs or multitasking, then you may want to test your system's memory for defects. For PC users, Microsoft has developed the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, which is an application that you can quickly use to determine if you need to replace your computer's memory....(more)

Opening EPUB Files

EPUB, short for electronic publication, is one file format that is not particularly well known when it comes to sharing documents. Nevertheless, this file format it has started gaining popularity in recent years, with the advent of electronic reader such as the Amazon Kindle. This is because this file format is capable of storing documents along with their publication data in a relatively small file size. Moreover, EPUB is made attractive by the fact that it has much to offer in terms of the kinds of metadata that it can accommodate, seeing as to how it is based on XHTML and CSS. This article will explore what EPUB is as well as how such files can be opened....(more)

Tech Talk: Writing an ISO File to a CD or DVD

An ISO file is a representation of the contents of an optical disk (CD or DVD) in the form of a file. In order to use this type of file, you need to either use optical drive emulation software or burn the ISO file to a physical disk. This tutorial describes the latter process....(more)

File Sharing

Where Digital Rights Meet Fair Use Rights: The Unlocking Technology Act of 2013

Although digital rights management has promoted the growth of a marketplace for digital content, it has come at the expense of some consumer rights. The Unlocking Technology Act of 2013 could re-balance the scales in consumers' favor, but it could face an uphill battle from the media industry lobby....(more)

Dropbox: The Invisible USB Drive

Dropbox provides a convenient way to synchronize directories between computers without a flash drive, and to share files with friends without a web host. The service provides 2 gigabytes of storage for free, and additional space can be earned through referrals or purchased for a monthly fee....(more)

File Basics: What is the ISO File?

So, you need to know what an ISO file is. Overall, it is an archive file. It takes an abundance of information and stores it in a very small space. These files are also often called ISO image files, because they are much like a snapshot of the disc. This type of file can be incredibly handy....(more)

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